Maricopa Village Christian School (MVCS) is an accredited K-8 grade Seventh-day Adventist Christian school in District 7 of the Gila River Indian Community in the Laveen area of Phoenix AZ.  For the 2023-2024 school year MVCS will be providing an early leaning academy focusing on grades K-3.

Maricopa Village Christian School (MVCS) has offered a distinct and contrasting school choice to Native American children since the early 1940s.  It provides a viable alternative to public education in this area of the reservation. Students learn in a safe, stable, caring, and nurturing environment in an atmosphere of excellence.  MVCS serves as an incubator for their dreams and a connection to the God who is able to make them come true.

As the students matriculate, cultural and biblical instruction is woven seamlessly into their daily activities.  Inclusion of the families in the activities offered by the school exposes students and families to a world many of them know little about.



The Maricopa Village Seventh-day Adventist mission church in the Gila River Indian Community District 7, an urban Tribal Nation contiguous to southwest metropolitan Phoenix, believes strongly that the history and culture of the people should be preserved, celebrated, and enriched through a well-rounded Christian education.

We believe that all of God’s children, regardless of their biography, geography, race, ethnicity or socioeconomic status should have the opportunity to live the abundant life for which Jesus died and rose for them to have. Through our church and school, we hope to cultivate, educate, and inspire the students and families to live an abundant life and have a deeper, meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ.



Maricopa Village Christian School (MVCS) exists to engage, educate, and equip Native American students physically, mentally, and spiritually for abundant living in this life and in eternity through Christian education, community collaboration, and family support.


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